Woodland Connection

In a small woodland, in the Sussex countryside, curious souls Andrew Groves and Emma Hughes seek to know more about their surroundings. Nature is the vehicle of their curiosity, their canvas for ideas and their inspiration for Miscellaneous Adventures – a project that promotes the co-existence of creativity with outdoor living and the production of hand crafted wooden objects.

At Millican we are curious about our planet and the creative ways people are acting to inspire positive change. Miscellaneous Adventures look at the world with a certain curiosity that is found when you slow down and engage with your surroundings. They have found a connection between their creative output and a well balanced outdoor lifestyle, they actively encourage others to do the same.
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Director | Shooter | Editor – Sim Warren | simwarren.com
Creative Director | Producer – Jeffrey Bowman
Executive Producer – Jorrit Jorritsma
Concept Development – Jeffrey Bowman & Sim Warren
Production Company – The Contrast Collective | thecontrastcollective.com
Production Coordinator | Assistant Producer – Mia Xerri
Thanks to Pete Shuttleworth at Hoi Polloi Media
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Shot on a Sony FS7