The Origin

Very excited to share my recent film The Origin.

I was brought in by FatSand Films to direct (shoot & edit) a film for Small Batch Coffee in Brighton, alongside my best friend and producer Mia Xerri.  We travelled to Mexico to film at Finca Muxbal which is an incredibly unique coffee plantation on the border to Guatemala.  Our brief – to tell the story about how and where specialist coffee is sourced.  Straight away we knew we wanted to create a narrative based around the core people involved in the coffee’s journey all the way from the coffee bean in Mexico to the cup served in Brighton.  We had seen a number of other similar coffee films made before however these focussed more on the process, step by step which made it feel a little too instructional & corporate.   Our video had to be cinematic, cool and it had to portray Small Batch in the way they had already set themselves up to be – they’re the best Coffee house in Brighton and everyone knows this!

We decided to take a different approach on this one and let the film process evolve naturally – we did not follow a script, we followed our instinct whilst shooting and committed to capture the moments and thoughts from our main characters as they happened.   By doing this we were able to tap into some awesome stories and memories which allowed the narrative to be true to Small Batch and the great things they’re doing.

Shot on the Sony FS700 with Canon L glass and the MovCam Top handle Rig.